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November 27, 2013
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As the Daleks continued their attack on the Kent branch of Torchwood, Jacob helped the injured Tim through the fast flooding tunnel. The second they exited into the lobby, they sealed the tunnel tight behind them. After it was securely sealed, they turned round to see that the exit to the surface was barricaded by a blue and red coloured Dalek, who was now staring at them, seeming to be waiting for escapees.

Leaving Tim by the side of the room, Jacob bravely confronted the Dalek.

"Why are you doing all of this, Dalek" Jacob demanded.

Glancing up and down at the human briefly, Fate dismissed the human being the one responsible for experimenting on his son, due to it's young looking age, his eye-piece turning away from him with uninterest. "My name is Dalek Fate. I am here to both require parts to my Dalek ship, which need repair and until my personal agenda of revenge is fulfilled."

"Revenge?" What did we ever do to you?"

"One of you humans here tortured and experimented on my own flesh and blood with human DNA!!" Fate screeched, turning back to face Jacob. "You have robbed him on his Dalek purity!! Tell me which human was responsible for this sacrilege, if you want your pitifully short life to be spared!" Fate hissed in anger, aiming his gun stalk at Jacob.

Wait... he's... my father? Jacob thought as he looked at the blue and red Dalek standing in front him, having a little tiny flashback:

Looking up the second he hatched, the first thing Jacob remembered seeing was the same colour schemed Dalek looking down at him and being picked up by it, secretly placed along side the other hatchings in the Hatchery on another part of the Dalek complex.

He... he is my father. Jacob thought at the recollection. If he knew I was here... then why didn't he help me? Jacob thought angrily, looking up at him in disgust.

"You better have been thinking of the one who is responsible, human!" Fate demanded.

"I suggest you preform a more detailed scan... Dalek Fate!" Jacob scowled.

As Fate did a more detailed scan of this seemingly brave human standing before him, he saw the scrambled DNA of Human, Dalek and even a Hybrid mix of the two, the Dalek DNA matching Fate's own.

"My offspring?!" Fate's voice boomed out loudly as soon and he realised that this was his son. "What have these humans done to you?!"

Looking accusingly at the other human, Fate aimed his gun-stalk at him.

"Are you responsible for this, human?!" Fate screamed at the injured human lying a little way from him, completely enraged, with his rage building more and more.

"Leave him alone!"

"Why?!!" Fate questioned, his eye-piece turning round to face Jacob. "Just exterminating the human responsible will not bring me enough satisfaction for how these humans had butchered you!"

"Then you will answer me this! Did you know I was here all this time?"


"Then... then why didn't you come to save me?!"

"I could not. I was under orders. Then I was badly injured in battle. It took me years to recover."

"Under... orders?!" Jacob hissed in anger. "UNDER ORDERS!! I was being tortured and experimented on with Human emotions and DNA for years and you left me here to the mercy of Torchwood?!! And all because you followed orders? Ever heard of disobeying orders?!!"

"I had already disobeyed one order. I could not disobey another."

"And what order did you disobey?" Jacob asked in a demanding tone, crossing his arms. "Was it for colouring your armour in those dumb colours?" Jacob deliberately mocked.

"These colours are for the rank of Captain!" Fate answered, trying his best to ignore Jacob's insult. "The order I disobeyed was creating you." Fate continued, looking up directly at Jacob. "Davros gave out an order that only he could create more Daleks in the future. I had planned to create my own offspring.
I had my DNA and all the equipment I needed already set up. I went against orders and created you, but Davros found out.
He said if I admitted that I had created you, you would be spared, but I would be reduced to a Drone. I could not do that. It had taken me too long to get to the rank of Captain."

"So you chose rank... over you own son?!!" Jacob scowled with disgusted.

His eye-piece, turning away, Fate refused to give his son eye contact.

Jacob's Dalek factor seeing this action as inexcusable weakness, broke open a glass fronted unit and picked up a Human Dalek Tommy gun that Torchwood had found years before and looked over to him with utter hatred.

"You disgust me, Fate!! I HATE YOU!!" Jacob screamed at him, aiming the gun at him. "All you had to do is admit you created me and be reduced in rank and you couldn't even do that, you coward?!
I can't believe you did that to me!! And you still have the nerve to call yourself a pure Dalek?!" GET OUT!! I don't want anything to do with you, the other Daleks or that bloody Davros ever again!!"

"Rank means everything to a Dalek! Even you, should still know that!"

"I said go!!" Jaocb screamed at him, hesitant to fire at the Dalek that created him.

"you have become far too human to use that against me."

"And who's fault is that, then?" Jacob snapped back in retaliation, holding his position.

"Do not speak to your Superior like that, offspring!" Fate screeched at Jacob with outrage.

"Superior? You're not superior to me and you have no right to still consider me your offspring after what you did! I am not your offspring. Not any more."

"Human emotions have made you weak," Fate spoke with disgust, noticing Jacob's eyes had started to water as he continued to stand there, holding his ground.

"Do not underestimate human emotions! They're more powerful than any Dalek could ever comprehend, which I only have because of your cowardliness and pride!!" Jacob snapped, firing a shot very close to Fate's casing, making him reverse back slightly.

"See? You "ARE" a coward! Now get out or this time I won't miss!!" Jacob warned, aiming up at Fate's ventilation grill.
Sorry that this chapter is 2 years late. I'm almost as the Doctor is when it comes to time keeping. I was hoping to finish this before the 50th anniversary, but illness has taken it out of me and I spending more time asleep than awake.

The part where Fate mistakes his mutated offspring for a human at first is from a DW roleplay I did with ~kingofdaleks did ages ago. Are you still on DA ~kingofdaleks?
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I'm going to do some more soon. This is just a small snipet. I done ages a lot so far, but there's a lot more to write. I'm glad I just found the check list to this chapter. It was lost for 2 years ^^;
keg12345678 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Soon. It's nearly finished and I'll be doing more tonight.
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