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July 31, 2012
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Cursed Leorina and Tat by Alondra-chui Cursed Leorina and Tat by Alondra-chui
At...last! This took forever!! Took 3 or 4 days, I lost count of the days that it took. Created with the retro version of MS Paint.

Night sky: [link] © ~ArrsistableStock
Leorina's colour: [link] © ~melemel
Town: [link] © *MontvalentStock
All other parts: © MS Paint
Klonoa characters: © Hideo Yoshizawa, Namco and Klonoa Works.

Going to load the full body picture I did soon. Separately. I had to crop Leorina to fit her where I wanted in the picture but I think it came out OK.

(Warning. Thar be spoilers ahead)

I had a Klonoa inspired dream the other night, set just after the game's ending, where Leorina has returned home in Volk to recover from her injuries she got in her battle with Klonoa, but she soon gets arrested for stealing from the Volkan army and has a choice. Either imprisonment or help the army stop their city's civil war. Picking the latter, Leorina and Tat soon realize some of the Sorrow's Element is still inside her and she starts to slowly change into her cursed form again. Tat tries to protect Leorina against her wishes and when Leorina hears gunshots and Tat screaming she becomes enraged and transforms instantly into her cursed form and rushes to save her friend, royally pissed off.

In this picture Leorina's cursed form by this point has shot wounds from protecting Tat, but I didn't include those as I couldn't be bothered and also I didn't want to put "mature content" on the picture.

"As the merciless soldier watched the robotic tank, Biskarsh shoot his homing missiles at Tat, he felt the ground starting to tremble, slightly at first, then it trembled more greatly with each passing second, he gasped when something huge and white thundered past him, looking to his right at the strange giant white creature, who was only showing interest in the Sky pirate's pet.

Growling with determination, Leorina ran faster to reach Tat in time. When the missiles were nearing their target, Leorina dropped to her knees and skidded to a stop, grabbing hold of Tat just in time with her small arms. Closing her eyes as she pulled Tat close, Leorina had no time to brace herself and she howled and screeched in pain as she protected Tat from Biskarsh's onslaught of missiles.

After Biskarsh used up all of it's missiles, Leorina struggled to get herself up, hissing at the pain of her wounds on her back and right side. Feeling deeply saddened to see Leorina getting hurt and being her cursed form again, Tat lifted a paw and stroked her monstrous jaw, determined she would do everything she could to help her get to normal. Feeling Tat stroking her, Leorina turned her head, nuzzling gently against Tat and purred softly, glad to see that she wasn't hurt.

Limping slightly as she moved, Leorina looked at her bleeding wounds briefly then sharply turned her head back, scowling furiously at the robotic tank.

Lowering her head, Leorina's eyes narrowed and she started growling ferociously. Leorina couldn't care less that she was shot at. What had angered her was that this thing actually dared to shoot at Tat.

The mental images of Tat being shot at and injured or even killed, by this thing if she hadn't been there run vividly through Leorina's head and it made her fly into a violent rampage. Roaring with maddening rage, Leorina hurled herself forwards and attacked in a state of frenzy, savagely tearing off great chunks of the red robotic tank.

As Biskarsh tried to get away from Leorina's crushing bite, any attempt of escape was constantly blocked as Leorina quickly circled in front of it and snarled viciously as she continued her violent attack.

Watching as the huge, raging monster attack, the soldier backed up as debris and parts of tank started falling around him.

"This must be one of Leorina's monsters, the soldier thought, trembling in fear as he looked up at this towering monstrous beast as it continued to tear through the military tank like it was nothing.

"Stop it, now! That's enough!" Tat said as she shook her arm, trying to calm Leorina's rage. Either ignoring her or too blinded by rage to stop, Leorina continued tearing the tank to bits. With one powerful biting snap, Leorina took a huge part of the tank into her jaws, slowly compacting it between her jaws and started to shake it back and forth like a rag doll. Only when Biskarsh's motors started whirling down and it's eye dimmed did Leorina stop her brutal attack. Picking up the broken down tank in her jaws, Leorina drew her head back then snarling savagely flung her head forwards, throwing it into the distance, dropping her head afterwards and started taking deep breaths as she eventually started to calm down.

Gulping at the strength this white monster had, the soldier tried backing away, the gun he was carrying made the slightest sound as it clipped against a wall. Turning her head towards the sound, Leorina finally took closer notice of the turtle-like creature. Snarling as she recognised him as the soldier who cruelly and deliberately jabbed at her broken ribs a few weeks ago, Leorina roared in anger and thrust her head downwards, about to give this creature the same treatment as she'd done to Biskarsh.

"STOOOOPPPPPP!!" Tat screamed loudly, desperate to stop Leorina's violent, brutal and feral like behaviour from going to far, knowing that she would regret it when she became her normal self.

Whimpering and cowering, the soldier slowly opened his eyes, looking up to see the monster's jaws inches from his face, so close he could feel it's breath blowing into his face and noticed the monster had huge, deep blue eyes.

Those blue eyes were somehow familiar to him, but before he had a chance to think about it, the creature suddenly took a step forward and screeched in his face, as if it was a warning to stay away from them, then ran off down the narrow street with the Sky pirate's pet cat in its arms, its gigantic, bulbous body crashing against some of the houses as it forced its way down the street."
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sonictheblur Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012
wait white Cursed Leorina is blind because of the blue belt covering her eyes
Alondra-chui Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012
That's why it's called artistic licence ;)
MrBubbaAce37 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
Wowzers this looks Cool!
Alondra-chui Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012
Thanks. This was starting to make me stir crazy after the 3rd day :crazy: but it was worth it in the end.
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No Prob
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