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About Deviant Katie Chui (not my real name)Female/United Kingdom Groups :iconflightofdragonsclub: FlightOfDragonsClub
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Examples of the quality I'll put into every commission
Cursed Leorina and Tat by Alondra-chui
Bryaugh the devil dragon by Alondra-chui
Inner beauty by Alondra-chui
I'm taking commissions as I'm saving :points:
The price is 200 :points: per commission. That's about $2.50 or £1.31, because of the time that goes into each one. Which is first hand drawn, scanned, redone is Ms paint curve tool, correcting any mistake lines then coloured by using stock images. It can be anything you want apart from hate art or gore images.

Other examples of what I do:
MegaAccelerated KOS: coloured by Alondra-chui
Taking a rest by Alondra-chui
Lev's fursona commission by Alondra-chui

If you're interested note me ;)

PS: I "DO NOT" do horror, gory, nude or hate art.

And if you want to commission me but do not want to be bugged by point beggars, make yourself anonymous ;)

Newest Deviations

Random Favourites

I can't resist doing these question as well as the questions June tagged me with.

1-Favorite video game?

I have more than just one:
#1 Klonoa 2
#2 Original Spryo games
#3 Croc 1 and 2
#4 Goat simulator
#5 Ratchet and Clank games
#6 Quackshot

2- Favorite movie?
Castle in the Sky
The Fugitive
Castle of Cagliostro

3- Favorite TV series?
Doctor Who
Murdoch Mysteries
Incredible Hulk (kinda of a quilty pleasure) but I like them

4- Favorite color?
Electric blue

5- Favorite holiday?
I don't care as long as I can sleep long.

6- Your most favorite character ever?!
Leorina (from Klonoa 2)
Dalek Caan (when he loses the plot)
Dalek Rusty

7- Favorite food?
Prawn Laksa

8- Favorite animal?

9- Your favorite place in the world?
Spain I guess. The only other place I been to is France

10- If you could do anything on earth, what would you do?
Making and selling driftwood figures and sculptures. It's just a dream at the moment


June's questions So here's my own rather unimaginative bunch of questions now: ^^

01) Who has been your greatest real life role model so far?
I can't think of anybody at the mo. If i can think of someone in the future I'll edit this journal

02) Three things you'd pick if you would have to survive the zombie apocalypse.
#1 Fishing rod. You got get some fresh food somehow
#2 Same reason as #1 and also to use against zombies
#3 A book/novel to relieve boredom or a pack of cards. Can't chance having a MP3 playing blasting out music with Zombies about, can we?

03) One song everyone else loves but you personally can't stand:
Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines
Gotye - Somebody i used to know
Pharrell Williams - Happy (I used to hate this but it grew on me, but at the time I just couldn't stand it)

04) What do you think is your greatest achievement in life so far?
Maybe winning 'Student of the year award at Canterbury College. I was so proud of winning that XD

05) The most embarrassing situation you ever caused:
Once I put in a red blanket in with some washing not knowing that my dad's white T-shirt were already in there. He was not too pleased when they come out pink ^^;

06) What does your userame mean and tell about yourself?
When I was first setting up my account, I had the intentions of naming it after my OC Katie Chui but I had a memory lapse (I got short term memory loss IRL. Some days I'm like Dory :icondoriplz: so I used the first name I saw one that page which was 'Alondra' thinking I could change it at a later date to find that you couldn't at the time

07) If you could pick from all car models in existence, which one would you like to own?
K.I.T.T or K.A.R.R from the 80's Knight Rider. I'm not picky. Well, who wouldn't want a talking supercar

07) One crazy thing you always wanted to try:
I always fancied trying Kangaroo. I always adventurous when trying new food

08) One movie/VG/TV character you'd absolutely love to play/voice:
Never thought of this...maybe Sheeta from Castle in the Sky or Rapunzel from tangles, mainly because there's not many female charaters who are cool and don't scream or play the "damsels in distress" I also fancy trying voicing as some people think my accent is unusual. I can only assume it's half London/half Kentish sounding

09) Are you one of 'those' people who would secretly fart in a whirlpool just because it's basically harmless and no one would notice anyway?
Of course *grins* Who would know?

10) Which one of your works on dA is the one that fills you with the most pride
That's a tough one. Either this:Cursed Leorina and Tat by Alondra-chui or this:Bryaugh the devil dragon by Alondra-chui Both took tons of hours to get right.

There you go June. Done and it was very fun to do, but there were 11 question, but I don't mind going one step beyond. :iconnostalgiacriticplz:

Tags: Open for anybody. I don't like tagging directly

My 10 questions:

01) What's your biggest fear?

02) What is your favourite music?

03) Dream job?

04) Favourite villain?

05) What do you prefur. Baths or showers?

06) Favourite ipad/tablet game?

07) If you like popcorn. What flavour do you like?

08) What do you collect, if anything?

09) Favourite actor/actress

10) Favourite Youtube celebrity?


Alondra-chui has started a donation pool!
3,209 / 10,000
:icondonatepointsplz: :iconpointslaplz: :iconpointsla: :iconcatchpoints01::iconcatchpoints02:
Actual amount I have is 484. Not 3014

I'm saving up my points so I can buy a box cap (when Da start selling them again) and the Fella and Super llama double pack, promote DA and also to commission other artist for their excellent artworks.

Adoptables for sale
Unnamed adoptable (open) by Alondra-chui = 40 :points:
Adoptable Artizelf by Alondra-chui = 100 :points: Only as this took most of the day to do

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Katie Chui (not my real name)
United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: VGM (video game music)
MP3 player of choice: Samsung ypk5
Favourite cartoon character: Danny phantom
Personal Quote: "If something bad happens, it usually happens to me."

I decided to after the few years that I had my Dalek avatar was to change it. And eventually commissioned :iconyumyumbagel: to make a Katie Chui avatar and I love how she turned out :love:

Base: Kiss-the-Iconist
Designer: yumyumbagel

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Alondra-chui Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015
Thanks for reading my story. I am still writing it, but for the past month and till the near future it had to be temporarily postponed, as I had to go on a skill training course, then recently got a full time job, had to replace both my laptop and main PC and a bunch of other things that had broke down (my wallet/purse is still crying). And to top it off, I will be moving soon. All fun and games round here at the moment =D but I will still continue as soon as I have settled with the next chapter.
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Alondra-chui Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015
Actually, the more I write about Zander, the more I feel sorry for the guy. I think I would be fairly disturbed too if I witness my dad murdering a gorilla when I was only 12 years old, shot by your father's cronies by mistake, then left for dead.

Plus here's a little fact I didn't know until recently. Killing poachers isn't illegal in Africa, but it only applies when endangered animals or protected species are in danger
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